Business Formation

Business Formation

Selecting an attorney for your business formation is an important decision. Successful business owners understand that running a business is difficult, especially without a team of advisors. Gateville Law Firm is a team of attorneys and other legal professionals that support business owners. Unlike most attorneys, we operate a virtual business and operate with little overhead. and we have more staff due to our lean business operations.

We provide the following business-related services:

Business Formation
We incorporate your business, whether it is an LLC, C Corporation, S corporation, or Partnership.

Business Agreements
We prepare business contracts and skillfully negotiate and draft a variety of different business agreements.

Purchase and Sale of a Business
We prepare letters of intents, Asset Purchase Agreements, Stock Purchase Agreements, Loan Agreements, Bills of Sale, and Assignments of Commercial Leases.

Business Transactions
We assist with business incorporations, joint venture agreements, employment and 1099 agreements, and many other business transaction types.

Franchise Agreements
We assist franchise owners with a variety of business issues including the purchase and sale of a franchise.

Commercial Real Estate Leases
We draft and review commercial real estate leases for clients.

Commercial Real Estate
We assist with matters of leasing and purchase including the sale and purchase of commercial real estate in the purchase and sale of a business.

Business Maintenance and Corporate Minutes
We will prepare corporate minutes, corporate resolutions, and annual business maintenance for a business.

Business Succession Planning
We assist business owners and prospective business owners with the transition of a family-business from one generation to the next.

Written Partnership Agreements
We draft and review written LLC Operating Agreements, Bylaws, and Written Partnership Agreements.

Family Business Consulting
We advise family business owners with business and tax planning legal advice.

Tax Planning
We provide LLC, Corporation, and Partnership Tax Planning.630-780-1034

Asset Protection
We help structure businesses particularly multiple businesses in a manner that reduces liability, improves profitability, and maximizes growth potential.

LLC Business Formation

When you are deciding whether to be an S corporation or LLC, Gateville Law Firm can properly advise you. Often, the correct business attorney will save you money on your business formation and LLC incorporation legal needs. We assist business owners by picking the most affordable and best business entity customized to your business and industry. Call Attorney Sean Robertson at 630-780-1034.