Father’s Rights

Father’s Rights

Divorce, Child Support, and Spousal Support

The divorce process requires experienced legal counsel, especially in the cases of fathers seeking sole or joint custody. Fathers value their relationships with their kids and play an important role in their children’s lives. At Gateville Law Firm, our attorneys and support staff are skilled in the area of Father’s Rights. Our goal is to provide skilled representation in the areas of domestic relations, divorce, and child custody issues. We are experts at assisting men with their divorce and parenting issues.

As Father’s Rights advocate, Attorney Sean Robertson and Gateville team provide exceptional legal representation. Attorney Robertson is the principal of Gateville Law Firm and acts as an advocate to fathers. With his direction, our firm utilizes the allocation of parental rights to the benefit of a father. More importantly, our attorneys understand how to use the court process to further a Father’s Child Custody Rights and Responsibilities.

Father’s Rights in Divorce, Child Support, and Custody Matters

Child custody matters are now referred to as Allocation of Parental Rights and Responsibilities. Parenting time is one of the many parenting issues that fathers care about. As a family advocate, Attorney Robertson is experienced and skilled in the following divorce areas:

  • High conflict divorces
  • High Net worth divorces
  • Father’s Rights Divorces
  • Child Support and related expenses
  • Allocation of Parental Rights and Responsibilities
  • Business Values Issues for Small Business Owners
  • Family Business Planning and Divorce Matters
  • Drafting of Parenting Plans and Custody Agreements
  • Post-Divorce Modification
  • Child Support Modifications
  • Custody Modifications
  • Spousal Support or otherwise known as “Spousal Maintenance Issues”
Father’s Rights and High Net Worth Divorces

High-conflict and contentious divorces threaten a man’s financial security. Child support, spousal support, and related children’s expenses significantly impact one’s financial well-being. Gateville Law Firm has a strong business, financial, and tax background, which are important in high net worth divorces.